Profile Bharat Forge Kilsta


Bharat Forge Kilsta has three forging presses with capacities of 16000, 5000 and 2500 tonnes press force. All forging groups are equipped with induction furnaces and controlled cooling equipment.

heavy crankshaft forging Bharat Forge Kilsta

Bharat Forge Kilsta are equipped for hardening, normalization, nitro carburizing and isothermal annealing.

heat treatment Bharat Forge Kilsta

At our finishing lines, all products are blasted free from oxide scales and, depending on the quality required, they undergo visual inspection, crack detection and hardness testing.

16000 tonne press line Bharat Forge Kilsta

We offer end milling and mass centering of crankshafts, machining and painting of chassis components.

machining Bharat Forge Kilsta


Press sizeWeight rangeTypical components
16000 tonne80 - 250 kgCrankshafts and front axle beams for heavy duty vehicles
5000 tonne10 - 50 kgCrankshafts, transmission parts, steering components, Rock drilling equipment
2500 tonne2 - 15 kgCrankshafts, connecting rods, steering components, rock drilling equipment


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