Profile Bharat Forge Kilsta

Design and engineering

Bharat Forge Kilsta strives to improve to forge ahead. We monitor trends and advances to ensure that our equipment is built on the latest technology. We also work with cross-functional improvement teams that use customer feedback to continuously optimize designs, production and supply processes. We use highly advanced CAD and FEA systems like Siemens Advance simulation and Transvalor Forge.

The tooling department at Bharat Forge Kilsta has more than a half century of experience from die making. We make dies in ranges of 1kg to 3000kg and are specialized in forging dies and appurtenant equipment.

Forging die steering arm Bharat Forge Kilsta

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Box 428, SE-691 27 Karlskoga, SWEDEN

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Bharat Forge Kilsta AB
Kilsta Norra Industriväg 11
691 37 Karlskoga

Phone: +46 586-247 200