Profile Bharat Forge Kilsta



History 2014 Bharat Forge Kilsta

Bharat Forge Kilsta celebrates 100 years of loyal cooperation with Scania.


History 2007 Bharat Forge Kilsta

Major refurbishing, descaler and robot installation in 5000 tonne press line.


History 2005 Bharat Forge Kilsta

Bharat Forge acquired Imatra Kilsta AB along with its wholly owned subsidiary, Scottish Stampings, Scotland. The company name was changed to Bharat Forge Kilsta AB.


History 1997 Bharat Forge Kilsta

Introduction of the refurbished 2500 tonne press line. Investment in machining of steering arms and a new semi-automatic line for finishing of heavy crankshafts.


History 1983 Bharat Forge Kilsta

The 16000 T die forging press line was installed and started production of heavy diesel engine crankshafts and front axle beams. Ancillary heat treatment lines for vertically suspended forgings and up to date finishing and inspection lines were installed.


History 1958 Bharat Forge Kilsta

Installation of mechanical presses for the production of die forgings in big series. Setup of electric induction heating furnaces.


History 1952 Bharat Forge Kilsta

Bofors moved their forging operations to the newly built Kilsta Works.


History 1925 Bharat Forge Kilsta

The first order for forged automotive parts was received from Assar Gabrielsson, who two years later formed the company VOLVO.


History 1914 Bharat Forge Kilsta

The first automotive forgings were delivered to Scania Vabis.


History 1894 Bharat Forge Kilsta

Until 1896 the Bofors company was owned by Alfred Nobel.


History 1646 Bharat Forge Kilsta

Two water-driven hammers were erected at Boo river

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